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About Yoga...

Inspiring books:


Bringing Yoga to Life - Donna Farhi

The New Book of Yoga - Sivananda Yoga Centre

Anatomy of Hatha Yoga - David Coulter

Meditate - Swarmi Muktananda

  • Yoga is ageless. All ages and sizes welcome.

  • You don't have to be flexible to practice yoga.

  • You will benefit from a regular practice. Once a week or more is ideal.

  • Regular practice creates healing to the body and mind.

  • Yoga provides flexibility, builds muscles, relieves stress, strengthens the respiratory system, benefits the nervous system, nourishes the joints, and massages internal organs.

  • Yoga creates a relation between the body and the mind. When body and energy are under control meditation comes naturally.

  • One of the important aspect of yoga is to learn to relax.

  • The breath teaches you to relax, recharging your body physically and mentally.

  • Learn to focus and calm the mind will benefit you with mental power, clarity of thought and better concentration.

  • Yoga will revitalise your life, finding inner peace and harmony needed in our busy lifestyle.

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