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"I love my Yoga Practice with Beatrice. The classes are small and intimate with beautiful background music and the soft scent of incense . The classes involve a series of fluid sequences that differ from week to week accompanied by Beatrice's lovely calming French accent. Just the tonic after a busy day! and never boring."



"I love Beatrice's friendly, welcoming yoga classes and wish I'd discovered them years ago. As a teacher Beatrice is gentle, encouraging, patient, clear, attentive, humorous, sympathetic and extremely knowledgeable - just about everything you could wish for really - and although I started as pretty much a beginner I was made to feel welcome and accommodated in what is obviously quite an advanced class, while not feeling I was slowing anyone down. For all that she is gentle and sympathetic, Beatrice makes her classes pleasantly challenging, and you are definitely encouraged to make progress from week to week, however gradual(!). I always leave class feeling stretched, relaxed and in a lastingly good mood - exactly what I was looking for! "



"I have been practicing Yoga for 25 years and with Beatrice for the last 2 - what I enjoy about her classes is the rolling variation week to week which always makes the class seen comfortably familiar whilst still feeling fresh"



"I just wanted to say that your yoga classes are the only thing which keeps me sane and flexible. I have always had problems with relaxing and I have moments when we are relaxing in the class and I can feel the tears coming down my cheeks. To me that is something which doesn't happen and its another proof that yoga works. Its fabulous to come at the end of the week and just let go.


"I don't see you just as an instructor in a class, because you always have an advice ready for me ( to just about anything ) so I do have an enormous amount of respect for what you do for us all I consider myself lucky to have met you."



"I love your yoga and I have been fortunate to watch how your teaching style has gone from strength to strength."



"Beatrice and I have been friends for nearly 30 years and although I live 'up north' to quote Beatrice, it doesn’t interfere with our friendship and regular communication.


"Whenever I visit, I try to stay for the Monday night class. I think I have attended 4 classes so far. I also practise yoga and go to a class every week. It is, for me, a commitment that I keep to. I have enjoyed Beatrice’s classes very much. They are very personal and on each occasion I have felt a good energy emanating from the group. There is a lot of care put into the class and the balance between asanas, breathing and relaxation is well distributed.


"I always knew that Beatrice would end up teaching yoga, she is a natural and good communicator. Beatrice believes in the qualities that yoga can procure to everyday life, achieving well being both physical and mental. I have attended many Yoga classes in different places and it has not always been satisfying. I would recommend Beatrice’s classes to anyone, from beginners to OAPs. It is never too late to start and you can feel the benefits fairly quickly, (despite the initial stiffness of the day after….!)"



"I have known Beatrice for about 18 years. The first time we met, at a yoga class in Cookham, we were both students, but for the last 5 years she has been my inspiring teacher as well as a close friend.


"After training Beatrice regularly taught classes to me and small groups of friends in my own studio at home. True to her motto: ‘Little by Little’, she gently encouraged all of us to safely move forward towards our individual goals to reach and often surpass, our own desired level of practice, without forcing or over exerting ourselves.


"Beatrice is genuinely considerate of her students’ personal experiences and expectations; fine-tuning and adapting her teaching whenever necessary to suit each class so that all students can fully participate at their own level. At the same time she gently encourages and helps students to build self-confidence both mentally and physically so that at the end of the class everyone feels stronger, happier and re-energized."


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